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Return And Refund Policy

The Quran Academy has organized everything in a way that it has become simple and easy to comprehend for the clients. The system is designed transparently so that there is no flaw at any point and the terms and conditions are also very clear to all the customers.

What is our Refund Policy?

We firmly believe that we should let our customers know fairly about our refund policy and therefore, we have made it quite simple and easy. For your convenience, we would like you people to know the key elements so that they can understand everything by only reading the points.

Refund Policy:

1.    If the student withdraws before the commencement of the classes, then we will refund the full amount deposited by him/her without any deductions or hidden charges.

2.    If the student tries to withdraw after taking one or more classes, then no fee will be refunded in that case.

3.    We will refund the additional charges if the tutor is found unable to hold the classes.

4.    We will return the additional or outstanding amount if the classes are missed from our side for any reason.

5.    Our tutors are offered leaves twice a year that are Eid holidays and these holidays are paid. Public holidays are also paid for our tutors.

6.    No refund will be made if the amount exceeds the fee.

7.    We have designed the refund policy under our own terms and conditions.

We would highly appreciate if our clients first go through our refund policy terms and conditions along with the refund policy in order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. We assure you to have a great journey of learning with us.

Our mission of making people learn the Quran is for people of all ages and gender. Our programs are planned individually for children, adults and women to make them learn and know more about Islam and its teachings in order to live a life as per Islamic norms.

You can contact us through the details given on Contact Us and stay updated about all the updates regarding the Online Quran Courses and classes. You can also send us your feedback about our services.

A Brief Description of Our Course and Service

The Quran Academy is responsible of providing you the online Quran classes as learning the Quran is the most important task and responsibility of the Muslims but in some cases they do not find eligible or qualified persons who can guide them to the right path not only by telling them more about the religion but to help them read, learn and understand the correct meaning of the Quran. We help you make you learn more in less time by providing you some important guidelines which eventually will benefit you to learn the Quran easily.

We Help you Find a Well-Verse Quranic Tutor

The first step towards learning something with no or less prior knowledge is to find a person who has knowledge of the course you want to opt for. We initially assess your level of understanding and then we help you find the tutor so that you can improve your learning as we believe that a good teacher can help you learn more in less time andcan make learning effective.

Start from Scratch

For all the people who want to read the Quran but have no prior knowledge of Tajweed etc. we ask them to start from Noorani Qaida as it helps them to understand the fundamentals of Arabic language to get things clearer. Additionally, if the client has basic understanding, we will begin with intermediate or advanced classes. We provide Quran learning courses to people throughout the world regardless of age and gender.

Read the Quran Daily

For all the people who can read the Quran, we would ask them to make a proper timetable and to recite the Quran on daily basis and the best time for that is after Namaz e Fajr because that is the time when the brain grasps the things quickly and the matter stays in the mind for long time.

Islamic Studies for Children and Adults

E- Quran Academy aims to provide the people living in any part of the world with the best Quran tutors and to help you learn how to read the Quran. Moreover, we also want you to live the lives according to the Islamic teachings and for this purpose, we offer courses that are related to the same and tell how can you become a good Muslim by following the Islamic guidelines to make you live a better life that will be beneficial for you in the world as well as in the other world.