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Online Quran Reading Course

About Quran Reading Course

Being Muslims, it is our ultimate responsibility to understand the Quran and to read the Quran at least once in our lives and understand it well along with its meanings. Quran Academy offer our courses and make sure that you read the Quran online while staying at home and what you have to have with you is a laptop or a mobile and a Quran with you so that you can read it with complete assistance.

Salient Features of Quran Reading Course

  • Class Type: one-to-one class type
  • Duration of the Online Course: 30 minutes
  • Age Level: Must be 5+ years old to apply for the Online Quran Reading
  • Prerequisite: Student Must have completed Noorani Qaida (in order to have proper knowledge of the Arabic letters).
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • Course Period: Course depends upon the students’ ability.
  • Tutor:Online Private tutor
  • Gender:Both Male/Female
  • Languages:Urdu / English

Quran Reading for Adults

This course is mainly designed for the students who are just done with their Online Noorani Qaida either or just want fluency in recitation and this is considered as the next and most important step in Quran recitation as once you end up with the online Noorani Qaida you must start Reading Quran Online. It brings perfection in reading with time. We make sure that the Quran must be completed in the estimated time; however, it depends generally on the student’s ability and our Quran tutors also give the students proper time to understand the importance of tajweed rules and assist them by doing more practice.

Quran Reading Course for Kids

The Quran Academy offers online Quran reading for children as well. Our Quran tutors use easy methods to make children understand the Arabic letters quite easily and to differentiate between the Araab. The children learn to read the Quran easily under the complete guidance of the qualified Quran tutors and the Quran teachers work hard to bring fluency in the reading as well. The complete Quran from Surah e Fatiha till Surah e Naas is read and the students are guided on how to eliminate the errors while reciting the Quran.

What do we have for you in the Online Quran Reading course?

The Quran Academy firmly believes in quality and we take it as our aim to make people learn to read the Quran easily without any hassle through the Online Quran Reading course. By joining this course you will be able to:

  •  Recite the Quran with a proper Arabic accent.
  •  Know how to recite along with Hadar and Tarteel.
  •  How does the letter’s sound change after Araab?
  •  For how long can you stretch the Harakaat?
  •  While reciting the Quran, where to stop and where to continue.
  •  Where to apply the rules of Izhar, Iqlab, Idgham and Ikhfa along with the rules of Izhar e Shafawi, Ikhfa e Shafawi and Idghame e Shafawi.
  •  Complete recitation with guidance under the experienced Quran tutor from Surah e Fatiha till Surah e Naas.

What should you know before you apply for an Online Quran Reading course?

You are required to have a prior knowledge of Arabic letter’s Makharij, how to join and read the Arabic letters along with vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween and shaddah. Without prior knowledge of all these things we suggest you to go for the Online Noorani Qaaida first and then move on to the Online Quran Reading course as this course helps you understand not only the Arabic accent but to make you read the Quran with appropriate pronunciation.

Fee Structure of the Online Quran Reading

The Hadiya(fees)we charge for all online courses are very affordable. Moreover, we also offer discounts if more than one member of the same family applies for the course. Our charges are very less as compared to other online Qur’anic websites or e-schools.