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The Quran Academy provides the most reliable and authentic platform as Online Quran Center. Through our center, we help you find a Quran tutor for you or your kids in order to learn the Quran to enlighten your lives and to make your life better as per Islamic principles. The expert Quran teachers at the Quran Academy make the learning of Quran much easier for you.

We welcome students from all parts of the world and from all ages and genders as we know that learning of the Quran has no age limits. Providing our services to the people throughout the world with the aim that no individual finds it difficult to learn the Quran. Our goal is to spread the message of Allah to the majority of people living across the globe.

Salient Features of Online Quran Course

Some of the salient features of our online Quran classes are:

Individual Class for every student
The online classes held by the Online Quran tutor are completely one-to-one, which means only the teacher and the student will be there during the class. The advantage of such a class is that it makes the student and teacher concentrate in the best way on the lesson.

You decide the class time

We give the chance to our students to schedule the timing of the online class as per their convenience so that they can stay more focused.

Female Quran tutors

For all the female students who are willing to do the course under the supervision of a female tutor, we would proudly offer that we are glad to have experienced female tutors who can guide our female students and make them learn about the Quran in a better way.

Professional and Qualified Multilingual Teachers

The Quran Academy feels pride in meeting the international standard of providing the best Quranic education in the presence of our qualified multilingual teachers with a good command on English, Urdu and Arabic. This expertise makes the communication easy and smooth and this makes the students learn more effectively as they don’t find any hindrance in the communication.

Our Online Quran Center is for all the Muslims

The Quran Academy is an E-Quran school for all the Muslims living anywhere in the world such as the US, UK and Australia. Our services are for all those who seek to have the basic knowledge about the religion or they want to improve their Quranic knowledge. We guide you in the best way and the best part is that you learn everything while staying at home.

Our Online Quran Study Center

We at the Quran Academy, provide several courses for the Muslims of all ages from all over the world. What the course is all about you can visit our Online Quran Study Center. Where you will find all the information about the course type, its duration. What is being taught in the particular course and what will be the charges. The courses we conduct can be taken from any smart device such as mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

What Courses do We Offer?

You will surely be eager to know about the courses that we offer:

The Basic Course

This course is, as the name says, is for the beginners in which we help you learn the alphabet along with their phonics, For those who want to revise Noorani Qaida and this course is done in two ways. Firstly, students learn the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets and then they are taught the Tajweed rules.

Translation Course

In this course we make the students understand the meaning of the Quranic verses. This course is not for the beginners but for those who can read the Quran properly.

Advanced Course for Quran Learning

Online Quran course is for those who do not want only to learn the Quran. But they are told the deep meaning and the context (tafseer) of all the significant ayats and surahs.

Quran Memorization Course

We offer to all the Muslims with no age limit, whoever is willing to memorize the Quran can come and join the course. We have Haafiz tutors who will make you memorize the Quran in the best manner.

Islamic Studies Course

This course is for everyone such as children as well as adults. In this course we tell the basic teachings of Islam. The everyday dua’s and surahs for our betterment along with their significance. Being Muslims, this is our prior responsibility to know what are the teachings of our religion. And to implement them in our lives as well.

You can visit the website and enroll yourself for the course you are willing to do at Online Quran Center.

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