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Online Noorani Qaida


This is the basic course that is essential for all beginners who want to start the recitation of the Quran. No one may begin reading the Quran without first learning Noorani Qaida, which provides a path for learning how to pronounce Arabic words. It also includes the use of Araab and tajweed which can change the meaning of a word completely.

Salient Features of Online Noorani Qaida

  •   Class type: One-to-One
  •   Duration of the online class: 30 minutes
  •   Age: 5 years and above
  •   Level: Beginners
  •   Tutor: Private and Live
  •   Gender: Male and female both are available
  •   Language: Urdu and English
  •   Duration of the course: Depends upon the ability of the student.
  •   Moral Islamic stories of Holy Prophets.
  •   Mannerism that includes table manners, eating/drinking manners, sitting manners etc.

Why Quran Academy for Online Noorani Qaida?

The Quran Academy has a group of well-versed Quran tutors who have already memorized the Quran and have a complete grasp of each and every verse. The students are given individual attention through online classes. The greatest benefit of online Noorani Qaida courses is the one-to-one interaction between student and teachers. Moreover, you can take the class from a place of your own choice. You just have a mobile or a laptop to join the Quran class online without being physically bound to arrive somewhere and to start the class. The Quran Academy also offers you to select the time at your own convenience.

Online Noorani Qaida for Kids

The Quran Academy offers interactive and activity-based methods to teach Noorani Qaida to the children. For a 5 years old child, it is initially difficult to understand a completely different language, therefore. Useful methods are used for the children to learn how to recite Quranic verses. It makes children know how to pronounce the Arabic letters through tajweed and this is how they can differentiate between the Urdu words and Arabic words pretty well.

Along with Online Noorani Qaida, the children are taught the basic knowledge about Islam that includes:

  •   The pillar of Islam.
  •   How to perform ablution.
  •   How to perform five times Salaat.
  •   The memorization of small surahs for Salaat.
  •   Duas recited daily such as for dua for drinking milk/water, dua before and after the meal, etc.
  •   Memorization of six kalimas.

Our experienced Quran tutors provide an environment that makes it easier for children to understand Arabic words with love and devotion.

Noorani Qaida in English

For the children living in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, the Quran Academy offers online Noorani Qaida in English. It is done by keeping the children’s ease and comfort. Since the children living in foreign countries find it difficult to read Urdu therefore, we provide them an easy platform through our Online Noorani Qaida in English. Moreover, if the people living abroad feel more comfortable in having the Noorani Qaida online in English, for such individuals both male and female teachers are available to guide them in a distinctive way.

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Online Noorani Qaida helps you identify the Arabic letters, their sounds in a better way. Thus, ultimately helps you recite the Quranic verses with proper pronunciation. The purpose of stop (waqf), continue compound words, Araab, Maddah letters, Leen letters, Tashdeed, Noon Saakin, Meem Saakin, Nunnation, and Tanween, etc.

Additionally, it is very beneficial for individuals who are native Arabs and find difficulty in pronouncing Arabic letters and words. Online Noorani Qaida helps them recite the Quran verses properly along with the tajweed rules and proper pronunciation.

Online Noorani Qaida is beneficial for the people residing abroad, Who worried about their kids to start Quran recitation. They make them know more about their religion. We provide them a path to help their wish come true with the help and complete guidance of the well-versed Quran tutors.

Hadiya (Fees)

The Hadiya(Fees) varies from course to course depending upon the number of persons, their age, etc. the Quran Academy offers all the online courses with an affordable fee as compared to other online educational institutions that charge much higher rates. Moreover, we also give discounts if more than one member of any family applies for the courses.

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