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Islamic Studies for Kids Course

Arabic & Islamic Education

This course is especially good for children and new Muslims because they will be able to learn the fundamentals of their beliefs. Both genders can study this course as we include subjects like the life of our Prophet, Fiqh, Tauheed, Duas, Hadith, History, and the holy Aimmah. The Islamic studies online course contains formal Deeni education and our tutors teach facts of values, divinity, and faiths.

In Addition to That We Make Children Learn

  • Different dua’s for daily routine such as drinking milk, water, before and after meals, etc.
  •  Mannerism like how to sit, drink, eat, etc.
  • Good and bad deeds differentiate between good and bad actions, for instance, what is liked by Allah and how do we commit sin.
  •  Stories of the Prophets to know how they lived and what were the important incidents that occurred in their lives.

Islamic Studies for Kids

The Quran Academy provides its services as an online Islamic school. Islamic studies for kids course has been designed for the students who are keen to have the basic knowledge of Islam. All Muslim children need to acquire the basics of Islam. On how we should live and not commit any sin to live a peaceful life. The Quran Academy makes it likely for Muslim families to come and learn about Quran and understand the religion. We are providing individual online tutoring for children. Our academy is reachable from any part of the world and the majority of our students are from the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Singapore and Australia.

Islamic Studies Online

Islam teaches us a complete way of life. Our religion is not only an acceptance but it’s a complete manner of life. We Muslims should live our lives according to the orders of Allah. If you want your children to be real Muslims, you should make them learn their beliefs in order to practice it. When the children are at a younger age, they engross knowledge very quickly and are very easily motivated by what it is taught. Children have pure hearts and brains which you can shape in any way. The children are influenced by their surroundings. So it is a duty for all Muslim parents to start teaching their children about their beliefs when the children are young. They will grasp the information very attentively. That’s why we provide Islamic Studies for kids Online.

Why is The Quran Academy different from others?

Formal madrassas may not deliver the appropriate kind of education that you need. Mostly the Quran teachers don’t have a good command of English which causes hurdles in communication. So we are the best choice for you as we have well-educated and qualified teachers. Then you will be able to learn about religion in the true sense. Through our lectures, you will be able to learn what is Islam? Instead of teaching the wrong perception to your children, you should employ a qualified tutor or reliable resources.

We offer online Islamic studies courses taught by our expert teachers. We are the most dependable resource for learning and educating the religion. You can get the best chance to learn properly from trained teachers. They can help you improve the religious spirit in you and your children. For children who live in western countries and go to secular education, institutes are hardly being taught about their Deen. Therefore, we are here to serve your children and for the parents who want their kids to know much about Islam. We help you keep the right information about the religion close to your heart. We offer classes and our teachers put a lot of effort to put Islam into your minds.

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Religion is very essential for all of us and the best age for learning is childhood. This is because in that period of time you can teach them how to be good Muslims. We not only teach Deen but also the History of Islam at our Quran Academy Online. We are easily accessible for all Muslims. You can begin your classes any day join us so we will help you shape your minds so you will be acknowledged as a true Muslim.

We will also assist you to continue your values as a Muslim. You will also get to know about your culture and ethical values besides religion. When you learn about your religion, you will get to know about the miracles of Islam too. We educate students of all ages. We, at the moment, are providing classes to a large number of Muslim communities living all around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more.

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