Fruequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The Online Quran Academy is keen to serve for the better understanding of the Quran as well as other relevant Islamic teachings. The Quran Academy is an eQuran school that helps people to not only know how to read the Quran but to know what is the meaning of the verses of Quran.

Here are some of the questions asked frequently by the customers.

Is Learning the Quran online Really so Easy?

Yes, we use apps which are commonly used by people of almost all ages and with the help of gadgets such as laptops, mobile or PC.

How Can We Select A Course?

We assist you in selecting a course as we need to know a few things such as your basic recitation style. If we feel that you need to improve your recitation along with Tajweed then we will ask you to join the Tajweed course first and on.

Can People Of Any Age Apply For The Courses?

Yes, we make people learn the Quran regardless of age and gender.

How To Find A Female Quran Teacher In Western Countries For Kids?

It is really very difficult to find an appropriate female teacher for children who can make them learn how to read the Quran appropriately. For this purpose, the Quran Academy has well-qualified female teachers who can communicate in English and Urdu both in order to let the children know how to read the Quran in the best possible way and they are well-verse in such a way that they make the children learn the Tajweed in a brilliant way.

Moreover, the female teachers are also for the female students who only want to get the online Quran classes under the supervision of female Quran teachers.

How Can You Make The Children Learn The Quran Online?

The highly professional multilingual teachers at the Quran Academy are trained in such a way that they know how to keep the children motivated in the class of 30 minutes. Though it is not difficult, it is not easy as well in the initial classes. The teachers are expert enough to deal with all kinds of children. Even those who lack concentration, our teachers use different learning tactics to maintain the pace and then they keep them interacting throughout the class and as time passes by the children show willingness and do not want to miss the class.

Is Quran Memorization Difficult For Adults?

No, nothing is difficult unless we believe and do not concentrate. Memorizing the Quran at any age is not tough but can be a little challenging if not taken seriously. You need to be willing and then leave the rest on us. We at the Online Quran Academy provide step by step guidance that leads to the path of success and makes you feel that the thing you used to feel difficult that was not so difficult.

Does Everyone Who Wants To Enroll For The Quran Reading Course Need To Go For The Noorani Qaaida Course First?

No, it actually depends on how you are reading the Quran and it is done through the initial assessment when we ask our student or client to read the ayaah of the Quran and this way we find out where he/she lacks and which course will be suitable for her. If they are good at reading the Quran, then we ask them to learn tajweed to improve their pronunciation or we ask them to start from the beginning, that is the Noorani Qaaida Online.

How Long Does The Course Take To Get Completed?

It completely depends upon the student, some can complete the course within the duration and some may not. For adults as well as for children, the reasons may vary. So, that is completely up to you how long you want the course to continue.

How Is It Possible To Take The Classes Online From Any Part Of The World?

Our teachers at the Quran Academy are available 24/7 for the

  1.    same purpose. Since we know that there are countries where people
  2.    have nights but we have days and vice versa.  But this is something
  3.    you don’t have to worry about it. You just show your willingness
  4.    towards learning and we will arrange the best teachers for you.
Do You People Offer Any Certified Courses?

Once you complete a course you will surely get the certificate of completion on which the name of the course will be mentioned.