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About Us

Online Quran Academy has highly professional and qualified male and female teachers, who provide the best knowledge and use effective Quran learning methodologies, to not only make the elders learn the Quran but know how to motivate the children in order to keep their pace intact throughout the learning session.

Salient Features

The salient features that make the Online Quran Academy stand out from the common online Quranic Website include:

  •  In fact that our clients may belong to any country of the world, then we have night then our client must be having a day in their region. Therefore, we provide our services 24 hours and all 7 days. So, you can contact us whenever you have time and we will adjust your classes at your convenience.
  • We provide proper certification of the course you complete and that certificate will have great significance.
  • Our Quran teachers are trained enough and have the ability to cater to students of all ages and gender. They have complete command of the Arabic language and can do the correction for your betterment and will certainly assist you in acquiring the required goals of how to recite the Quran with proper Tajweed.
  • We do not only focus on improving the recitation but we also help you improve your personal skills. Therefore, we specifically hire the Quranic teacher for you as your satisfaction is our gratitude. We encourage punctuality, dedication, and competency in our teachers so that they can focus to groom the students in the best way and will help them become good Muslims as well.
  • We also offer a 5-10% discount to the customers whose family members are already our students.
  • If children at times feel shy at the beginning of the session. We deal with them with extra care and attention so that they maintain their confidence and become used to it.
  • We offer an extremely comfortable environment to our clients so that they don’t feel hesitant if reading improperly. Our one-to-one classes are specially designed by keeping sensitive issues in view.

Our Aim | Online Quran 

The main aim of the Online Quran Academy is to help people who find it difficult who can teach them how to read the Quran along with proper and correct Arabic pronunciation also called Tajweed. online Quran learns Individuals who live in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada, Especially find it hard enough to either hire or to search them on the internet for the same.

About Our Tutors

Online Quran Learning providing teachers who can make individuals learn to read or simply improve their Tajweed is not too old. Since the world has now become a global village and now nothing is impossible. If you are determined to achieve your goals in any way Keeping the same concept in view, the Quran Academy has come up with the approach to provide the Quran teaching to people living in any part of the world. For this purpose, we are offering and design our website where we offer different courses to people starting from the beginning regardless of age and gender. We have hired male and female teachers that teach are well-versed and have ample knowledge of Quran teaching to deliver their best to all the people who live all over the world.

We Provide an Easy Way to Learn the Quran Through Online Classes

The Hafiz and Hafiza teachers are qualified and have a complete grasp on multilingual and thus makes it easy to communicate with people from any country in an untroubled way. If you still feel troubled finding an adequate Quran teacher for you then you must contact us. We will guide you thoroughly and will assist you to make a good decision. You will certainly feel delighted about your decision to be a part of The Quran Academy.

Start Learning Quran Today

In order to make people take advantage of the online program, we have designed the courses in the most convenient and simple manner. We are driven to perform best in the field of Islamic education and Islamic course outlined as basic and intermediate courses for students. We know that reading the Quran is important but reading the Quran with proper Tajweed is more important. We make it simple and easy for you so that you can learn with full motivation. Along with the highly experienced staff, who work make the Quran learning easy and comprehensible for you.

You can call to join us now, Learn Quran Online within your comfort and ease. The Quran Academy is serving to give you the best services from reading to memorizing the Quran thoroughly.